Thursday, December 23, 2010

7A’S In PMR yeah!!!

well this is my gud news…i got 7 a’s yeah hahaha i love it…Image1777

my result…i took it and snapped it it was awesome haha…it was the most awesome paper that i ever lay on haha.. i never felt this awesome b4…2010 is one of my best year eva…the best was 3 out of 5 our group got 7’A’s n congrats to my buddy Gan Ai Rin and Anandini…We’all worked our ass off this year it shows that hard work does pay off haha…I really wanna thank God,My Dad & My Mum 4 sacrificing their love n support they r the best my buddies who totture me to study hard n do all my homework finish this year…thank to my teachers 4 all their hardwork…love u a lot…thank to all

Red heartJoey



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