Saturday, December 18, 2010

Happy 15th Bday Mellissa!!!!!



Happy Birthday Mellissa

Mellissa remember the day where we first met haha its was so hillarious…
Do U remember this pic?
We snapped at Cyber School at the mock Debate haha
that time it was so boring we had nothing to do we snapped pics
another one more is tiz fugly pics of us haha

Mellissa n me

remember this haha…i think we snapped if my loupek china mini iphone haha…still keeping this pics till now…haha i edited this picca event though is ugly haha…but most of all i want to say ur my best buddy til now…i still remeber primary school we always stick together…if not people ask us..y haha…n ur my buddy since standard 3…the longest we fight was just a week rmbr haha?

no matter what buddy…i still stick by ur side…n i always love u MELLISSA CUZ UR D BEST!!





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