Friday, December 10, 2010

My One Hell of a Dream…

this may sound absurd but here how it went…

it started when Justin Bieber stop touring for a while n secretlyDon't tell anyone smile came to Malaysia….without the crazy fans knowing….so informed by my aunt in Canada to take care of this person who is coming…nver in my mindDisappointed smile i think that guy would b Justin Bieber…so first thing i pick him up in the airportAirplane..n hurriedly…ask him to disguiseJust kidding…but my house was beyond far from kl…its was a sort of urban its is basically safe from d fans n photogsCamera…then later…i went to talk to him to help me to snap a pic with him smoochinSend a kiss on his cheeks….n autograph his new album 4 my friends…my buddies were utterly shock n plead me to bring him to school secretly…then i told j.biebs to perform at school…he denied but then he know he dont wanna let me he said what the heck better than doing nothing….so he came n perform n its was a blast from the fans of j.bieber in my school…my friends met him…v.i.p area of cuzOpen-mouthed smile

then i woke n it was only juz a dream….but it was nice at least…hahahaOpen-mouthed smile

Red heartJoey


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