Monday, December 13, 2010

Ok is my rojak post haha :)

tau x ap i x tau tdi…smlm alan (my dongsaeng) it means adik in korean..he told me he saw me kyusukly readin newspaper…well i came across this shocking headline in the newspaper yg dorg kata

“Gadis Maghribi yg cantik & suci boleh didapati dgn harga ‘RM14 000’.”

(yea i’m not joking) i came across n its was shocking to hear that women over there willing to marry a guy in malaysia 4 only RM14k or more….oh  ya n alan saw me  n thank god he never tegur me if not it would be ruined the plan that i make 4 him haha..

speaking about d article i think women over there r so cheapsy at least they could ask 4 like RM1 million  or more thats better…n i even tgk…the link n its not joking…yg ad awek maghribi utk dikahwin dgn harga….rm must have ‘k’s or ‘m’…must have been a shock to my face….but i think this marrying a woman with price thing have to stop..

a true man should earn hard 4 their woman in order to capture her heart more…

but still as mak saya kata “the wold is not like dunia lama dh..haha”



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