Wednesday, April 13, 2011


okay let me tell you this...
there is new buddy that came in to my world...
he is definitely awesome and i love the way he play guitar..
he is a fun guy to text with :D
he is so good looking...
his skills in guitaring were awesome leyh =="
i wish i can learn from him...
and this is a good stuff about him..he loves music just like me..:D
then few day b4 that,i'm really stupid playing around with him..and lied to him..
and it was bad we'r like arguing in the phone...and i know it was my mistake..
and to Mr.F: i'm so sorry..
and i love him for being so forgiving..he is so sweet thats what i like bout him..haha...
and i always misspelled his name and he don't mind it...seriously i like this dude..
Too bad i haven't met him yet...and i really wish to meet him someday..

okay thats all..
thanks 4 reading

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