Saturday, April 9, 2011

Consonant S? Who is HE?

Consonant S is Mr.Aaron Sunday which is totally HOT in this photos.
Why I named him consonant S all this while?It is because his real name starts with the letter 'S'
So here is the thing why I have to reveal him? I've got my reasons.

So who is he?
He is actually my Facebook Buddy which he added me on 13/2/2011 which is on Valentine's Eve
On the day itself,we chatted in IM via Facebook for quite a long time and in that moment I've get to know him,he is a very cool guy and he went to the same school with one of my Ex's.
We weren't that close till 19/3/2011 came along and I met him for the first time but I was quite a dumb ass to not introduce myself to him.In that moment itself,he was actually waiting for the bus at KL Central bus stop.I was not sure at first it was him till I saw he ride the bus number that was going to his housing area and the rest is history.

A few weeks later..[Please read the post:Best HANGOUT with Aaron Sunday :D]

okay here is the thing he asked me to write a testimonial about him
[Testimonial=A Point Of View]
so here it goes..
What I can say about Aaron Sunday? In my opinion,he is a very great GUY.
He can be awesome yet weird,he loves to talk,and he is funny and annoying sometimes,
he got good looks,a nice body,tall and has a very good sense of style.
and a plus point for ladies he has a gentleman side in his own way.

what the bad side of him? well i don't like to talk about this next time
if i have the mood i will re-edit again :D
thnks for reading :D

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