Friday, April 8, 2011

Emcee JOB Part II

Joey is here for the 2nd talk :D
My emcee job is the best :D
nak buat agy dowh dengan Co-Host i,Leo...
he the best CO-HOST I can ever get kowunk nak tgk gambar dia tak...
for second performance :D
haha =D nie gambar after show kitowang :D
take a look

wah so hot :D...i'm so-called Starstruckk :D
haha what the hell happen to my Peace :D
SO sweet xD..ahacks..

Ek ehem you PEOPLE out there...
we're not a COUPLE...
We're just Professional Volunteered Emcees :D
we might look sweet or wateva but...
He's TAKEN okayh so don't mess with me saying that..
'I like him' or 'you shud be with him' or 'you shud be a couple' or BLa3..
i would seriously be pissed [>:(]
well my emcee job really makes me happy this time..
cause i got chance to emcee myself and co-host it with Leo
thanks to the Chinese Asscosiation for having me as a EMCEE
i really thankful for the xperience...and i had a great fun xperiencing it for the first time

-The End-

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