Tuesday, April 26, 2011

If heart could say,

hey you all out there..this time for a post bout my feelings nowadays...recently i just got fooled by someone..and i hate that person for playing me..he said that he loves me..but what i get was total betrayal..i thought that he would wait for me..when he said i was taken the other day my face was like in total shock..luckily i wasn't dumb enough to fall in love with you..but all those sweet words you texted me and all those stuff that you shared with me..i felt like i was this close to falling in love with you..and i was hoping to meet you someday because you said that you really wanna meet me...but then i think back there is no way..i'm liking you back..i felt like a total fool..hmm but no matter what i wish you the best with your lady...cause she is so lucky to have you as a lover..as you're so sweet..and forgiving..i know i wont be the best choice for you considering i only said i like you but i don't love you..but i'm happy for you..just be happy buddy...you deserve it...

best wishes

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