Monday, April 18, 2011

my heart is not for you to treat it like a trash!

i'm pissed at you..seriously...who the fuck you think you are..just because i loved you before and u think i dumped you for fun..hell to the fucking no..i must have a reason y i did that to you..wanna know why treat me like a piece of SHIT you mighty fucking think i'm that dumb with all you're calling here and there texting with some other bitch here and there...admit it you idiot...i told you from the beginning..never mess with my heart..and yet what you did...during the day we were totally ignoring me...don't you know i have feelings too...i try to bear it but itas too much till i cant take it anymore thats why i dumped you...and do you know i'm a person that been trying to save our relationship and what hurts my heart the most was you ignoring me keep me feeling annoyed and adding more hate to you..i tried and tried and tried but what you did really hurts me the most...and now you're trying to say that i got another guy that y i dumped you...yeah fuck you...who the hell makes you said that...i'm the loyal one and you're the one who was having tonnes of side please la weyh..u think i that of a dumb girl..and go ahead la...i know i will pity those dumb bitches who got you as a boyfriend..da la bajet muka hot..pi masuk jamban la weyh..said pernah be DJ **** la konon fuck la i know you're lying la idiot...dont bajet okay...just if i meet you someday..i will say GO TO HELL...

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