Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ex's that whom i missed,loved and confused

why is this happening to me...giler cam crazy pun ad...
duh i met my ex boyfriends in my old school today and one of them was Capital N..
N was reall cute today oh gosh...i miss his smiles and everything...
he is so cute as i wrote in my diary last time..if there is an award for cutest smile i would vote for him..he is just so adorable..d reason i broke up with him cuz..i hurt his heart so badly..
and i'm still school when he go in to the haunted house i saw him..i was acting cool and he was cuz like kinda cool i start teguring him..and he talked to me cooly..when i talk to him..i was like i wish i could turn back time and never hurt his heart in the first place...seriously i was damn freaking guilty... :'( ..if capital N is still with me now...i really wont let him go..

then i see capital E and his buddy which both of them were my ex'es when i saw them..hmm nothing has changed still d same...haish...=="

then when i was fb-ing capital V plak muncul some where..suddenly mintak kapel balik i was like...O.O tekejut pun ad...i thought it was a joke but it was serius la be exact..i was confused giler..but i dunno what gonna happen soon...but Capital N,E,M, and V are really making me crazy...pls dont think i was a player or playgirl for having so many Ex's...i was loyal to them..but sumthing went wrong sumwhere...and it just happens..still whatever...
i miss texting with Mr.F...dah he never text me so long time..i miss him so muchh...

Capital S? well i dont really miss him at all...but i always wanna see him cheering up my day :D
and thats all i wanna talk.. the end :D

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