Thursday, May 19, 2011

I wish it happens..

hey..sorry x post for like days -.-" busy tau mana ada masa nak update sangat..huhu...
okay kenapa i tetibe pasang picca nie..cuz i feel like maybe time i wish for someone to love me.
that certain sumone? who is that person? he is taken by someone so no need to waste time to knw..whom i wish to be loved..=="

u know there are some certain thing in life you'll question like this one

yeah i'm kinda like that..I dunno why i told my friends about this..and they asked deep i love him? i just quiet and dunno what to say..yesterday when i was in the way to send sis back was a very touching scene...with all those word expressed in a touching way was like being in a drama..T^T.. i was almost crying but i was just holding back the tears..cuz i can feel the sadness of the sis is so lucky to have a guy like him..i wish i could have a guy that who loves me for who i am..but look at me..I'm just takin my heart aback..and put my feelings in a jar and keep it for him sweet rite? but its painful.seriously it's painful..somedays i just wish i kill myself for him..i knw u guys gonna kutuk me on this part but cmon i got my common sense button "ON" so don't worry..i'm gonna live longer cause i wanna experience things i never do yet..

He is my dream keeps me wondering on cloud 9.but when it comes to reality i fall back on the hard and cold ground and it hurts..

thats all wish me luck in my exam kayy? bye.
by Joey

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