Thursday, May 5, 2011

Joey,for once you did a good thing :D

Sir Taufeeq: Joey,i'm so proud of you.
Joey:*BLUSH*well i know i got selected for the 1Malaysia Netbook..but i think others deserve better than me..i got my own under my hard work and it makes me feel more worth it :D
Sir: well you did the right thing to let it go...
Physic Teacher: yea,Joey finally did a noble thing
Joey: thanks teacher...awh're making me blush xD

that is conversation i had..with some few teacher tadi..actually korunk nak tahu x ap yang berlaku kat dialog di atas tadi...ok la biar i citekan...actually pagi tadi at school..cikgu umi sazilah announce bagi 1Malaysia Netbook suma cm ok r some of my classmate terpilih nak dapat tau so pun dapat tapi i x mintak borang sebab i x nak pun..sbb i dah i ask mita and dini nak mohon x benda cmnie..they all was like cool :D and cikgu umi kasi borang kat dorg..

then pukul 3 while i tengah facebooking...tetibe mita jerit...i was like ugh...==" malasnya considering i tgh chatting with sum1..then i just turun r teman dia..sebab come on she is my buddy for like 8 years i can't like ignore her u ok la we walk to school and went to bilik guru and i was like wateva...being blabla-ish..with people..then while mita tengah cari borang..sir english speaking sivik sir..went in the bilik guru and chat with us about the netbook thingy..and he praised me for not applying cuz others dserve better...awhh...other teacher praised me tooo...mmg thnks la kat dowg...masa i was like terharu...x rugi jugak ikut mita...dapat la pujian dari cikgu...haha..then i balik... i was chitchating with mita...then balik facebook la..tu je la kot haha...will post more you guys...bubye

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