Thursday, May 12, 2011

my dreams

My Dreams..what are my dreams? Today I'm telling you my dreams..
if you feel this is cliche or suckish or BAD..GTH and FOS!

okie,why 'm talking bout dreams today well a lot af people sure dreams something that is sweet..
you know whats my dream? i got a list full of it :P
  1. Being A Singer
  2. Get a good career
  3. be happy with someone I love
  4. Dancing Ballet..(i dream bout this since i was six)
  5. Try A romantic runaway with my true love to the beach or maybe some where secluded...(kinda like in Korean dramas)
  6. Try A wedding dress...(that means wanna get married :D)
  7. Get A cute cottage like house and have a small puppy or cat to live with..
  8. Have my own GREAT BIRTHDAY BASH
  9. Clubbing with some hot guys and girls...(what I'm gonna do for my bacheloreate party)
  10. Wanna travel the world :D
well that's all with my dream i dunno what fill in more with my dream box..but currently..i planning to have this stuff that i really wanna have now that is
1. Straight A+ in SPM
2. Birthday Bash kat Sunway Lagoon
3. My parents to be live longer :D
4.To enjoy every DAY that i'm living (GOD,Thanks for letting me be alive every single day)
5. The guy that I have a crush on..
I use his name as my formula to understand gravity in Physics xD
(nonsense,cause I can't make him to be mine -.-")

thats all la..i dunno what to put pftt nonsense...okay bye


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