Saturday, May 14, 2011


I wanna tell you something and i dont care what other people think..
seriously i'm sad..:(
why I'm sad cuz i'm like the dumbest b***h eva..
seriously..I dunno what to nowadays..I just dumped a guy that loves me so much,
I never tell my feelings towards the other guy that I'm having a crush at him
and I'm stuck with another guy who came and ask me back to be his girlfriend..
But most saddening I hurt myself badly.
not physical but emotional...T^T
seriously this morning i woke up feeling like crap.i dunno why.-.-.
i just cried in the toilet..T^T
then i rembered it was someones bday..where i promised have to buy gift for him.
so i just went to IOI without any hesitation i was LIKE no shower or anything just went straight
yeah i know i'm who gives a fuck..=.="
now i dunno what to buy for him..and i'm so clueless..-.-?
ok la guess i have to post later bubye !

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