Saturday, May 7, 2011

To OUR laogong,hubby,darling and xDDD

to be exact benda nie joke jea... :D we just make fun of him xDD
and this what we did for him during BIOLOGY :D
this is from Winnie :D (she is the 1st wife) ahaks xD

my wan...:D (i'm d second wife :D) [FAREEZ FINLY IS HIS FB NAME]

nie mellissa :D (she is the fourth wife)

maaf la 3rd wife x de sebab dia gie lawan bagi catur so masa tu biology yang agak mbosankan..we just scribble a love note for him...haha..when i start rest of them follow..ap kes-,-
so cikgu rohana goon nampak jea..kita scribble x malu we all
and Fareez say our scribbling is very nice..awhh so sweet that why i kinda love him some times but..kepada fans fareez azaman nie...ini cuma joke je r x de serius..kitorang cuma married tipu2 je..haha...bukan ap2 jangan pverreact k...
thats all i nak more later chowz

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