Saturday, June 4, 2011

Back to My Hometown

hey i wanna tell you bout why i keep posting bout people since June 1 haha..sebab i x de promote my member up with me? well my life its seems to be fine je la..cuma if u checkout my something happen till x disangka..menjadi agak pelik dan agak heartbreaking.seriously i was heart broken by someone..but later if i rajin i'll tell you bloggers ok?
so lemme start today i wake up like dunno what happen la? my mum said that she wanna visit my grandma in bentong, i was like thinking while sleeping..should i go or not?then i was like thinking and thinking..alaa ikut je la..since i wanna get something out of mind for a while so y not i just balik hometown i jap..tenangkan we while gerak went to market --> my dad's stall --> to Cheras, my mummy thinks she wanna ajak my aunt gerak together with masa tunggu kat depan domino's i main snap picca this is what i get. =P

well nie domino kat Taman Connought..x pasti ejaan x? this domino pizza nie kan..dah lama dia berada kat situ agknya when i was standard 1 till now kot Domino's nie ada...haha and cause,dulu i stay kat i kinda remember i went domino's order pizza when i was small. haha XD

then my aunty dah smpai we gerak...dalam kereta mmg la bored radio x terpasang sebab mummy,aunty and uncle nak i and my adik..dah like snork dlm kreta. -.-" so dah smpai kat restaurant arghh!! * lega bhai..kejang buntut asyik duduk kat dalam kereta tu * ==" then da sampai makan la ape lagi then..mummy and aunty nak and my adik drop kat OLD TOWN,bentong la lagi mana..then online jap..and just usha2 sumthing...then my bateri laptop dead plak..cipet jea...-.-" lupa nak bawak charger T^T. then we main till ada org text I..I melayan je la =P..then turun gie my grandma punya my grandma place i snap lagi :P

haha both agak sakai..tapi x kisah la..i mmg nak cm tu jea.. :P..promoting 100 PLUS kay :D boleh jadi duta dowg haha xD...perasaan..:P then singgah sekejap jea..then we're OTW to..AMPANG makan2..ok check out my next post k..bye :)

by Joey

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