Saturday, June 11, 2011

Counting Times

Okay so sorry for not updating my blog nowdays.I hve been busy U know -.-"
Okay lemme tell you what happen during my Holidays.

Saturday & Sunday-Well I have been resting as usual..AH finally :D I love Holidays!

1st week Holiday
Monday-At Sunway Pyramid..with Riri,Alan & Vny.Riri and Alan finally couple :D hurrahh! =') somemore got Wi-Fi @Home finally...=D

Tuesday-1.51 am-got a call from Aaron.thought it was a I wake up then he text me and said he's coming to my place with Ayenz,his member.LOL I was freaking shock when they come and I'm like sneak out from my house like 2.30a.m something..FREAKING nervous ==" saw Aaron and Ayenz totally blur and I was like in my ugly night gown with seluar apek tired,blur & sleepy like them and I just talk to Ayenz and I gave him like 10 bucks -.-" then the nice part happen I got a good night kiss in a forehead by Aaron =')[TRUE FACT]..went to sleep,happily xD and snork.Then,internet a usual till 5.then I got Account & Math Class for tuttion.Riri packing to China..fucking jealous -.-" she get to ponteng Acc class..(so fuck) and chat a lot with Dini during Maths Class..We're like totally ignoring what the Math Sir is blabbing xD

Wednesday-Hangout to KL..with Aaron Sunday,Aliff Khodzarii, Chord Sukvanmoney, Muhd Aimann, Khyyrul Faiz,Tengku Hanzo & Aliff to breakfast korean food with Aaron @Times Square..Shisha for the 1st time & went back with Iman Faiz in Bus,Fakhri Arif,Syazana Rosli and buddies @KL Sentral,Hafiyzi with His Geng @BB,Moyy Ozzair & Aaron Evans @Sungai Wang Plaza and met my old school mate(wont b named).Went to tuysen straight,and best thing my Biology sir spend the whole class Domino's Pizza :D, got to eat 3 pieces of pizza..awesome...Physics Class was straight total laughter with Sir Murugan xD.Meet new dudes..named Kavi and Roopan =D Awesome Day!

Thursday-Wake Up.FB Till 5.skip Add Maths class today..and Internet again :D Skype with Mia

Friday-Wake up.FB as usual..then Moyy Ozzair knows the truth my feeling towards Aaron Sunday.She tried to persuade Aaron to couple with me.Which I never even forced him to do but Moyy did it..-.-"causing so much mess in my head and his to..I cried and told him the truth and everything..via FB,SMS,& Call...freaking sad day..almost cried so bad in Chem both member x lonely T^T..lucky got the two new dudes to teman me..thnks them..Chem teacher talks about his love story with his GF.which kinda make me sad at bit...-.-"..this day sucks so bad -.-"

Saturday-Went back to Pahang with my mom,lil bro,uncle & aunt.Get out everything.Hated Aaron for A day -.-".just chill out at Ampang.EAT KOREAN FOOD :D so happy cause I love Korean Food.

Sunday-Wake up.FB-ing as usual..normal la. -.-"..then check out top news and look Aaron's blog..kinda sad on what he wrote..seriously sometimes I feel pity towards him...-.-"

2nd Week Holiday
Monday-Wake Up-Same usual things...-.-"

Tuesday-Well errr....same tusyen Accounts and Maths..Maths is kinda hillarious cause my sir its like teaching us how to gamble like actually a math chapter "Probability"..xD haha..

Wednesday-Mellissa text me a lot of times ASKED ME to come to tusyen..okay putting high hopes for xpressing my feelings during that day..then last minute jea..she kata x fuck...I'm total mad at her cause I need to xpress somethingher..and I came for tusyen just for biology just to study bout Meiosis.and I did and as usual Physics was the cheer up class.

Thursday-Okay hangout day again :D actually with Rabiatul Aqilah,my old buddy when I smpai IOI Mall belum 5 minit change of plans..somehow Aaron Sunday & his Monkeys(include him) that is,Anep, Naz , Daus, Alex, & Shahrul Azroy...and I meet new girls..that is Anje, Laela, Salina, & Maisara...We all lepak together :D ..(totally forgotten my old friend)..then we watch..KL Gangster..okay the movie mmg total action pack..and dlm tu full house duh..most of them dlm wyg semua lelaki..perempuan amatlah sedikit..-.-" haha..then we just hangout..and seriously I was glad that Aaron x ungkit bnda we're so good in pretending nothing happened..haha..then when time balik..Aaron's Monkeys dump him and took the bus earlier to go back sad..but he make sure I go back home first then only he go back.So good :).True Gentleman Etiquette..I love it =D

Friday-Wake usual search for bahan HMWORK BM tu salin got 5/6 essays .thnks to last minute..

Saturday-Wrote all those 5 hardcore essay to paper..handwritten with pen..-.-" fucking painful and tired..

Sunday-Wake one more essay and INTERNET all day long...reminder to self...get new pair of school shoes before school starts...-.-" okay people...

Okay thats all peepsters..I'll post you all sooner kay...byee :D
by Joey

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