Sunday, June 5, 2011

Guilty and Sorry ='(

Okay peeps..this is what happen between me and him that day that been bugging me..actually it all happens cam nie...okay i think 3/6/2011. masa tu i was usual i post something that happen on 1/6/2011 cuz i last lepak with him that suddenly.. sis Moyy im me and do this..

ini yg sebenarnya berlaku..she x terbaca, act she tahu..that i like him..then she really help me to console aaron..i told sis already..i x nak sebnrnya...i sah tahu yg dia xkan suka i..he only treat me as a friend -.-"..she go and console then he plak im me and post this...

You see?terbeliak mata melihat..then bukan ke si Elmo for sis Moyy?? bukan she syg her ke? my face was like total pucat when i saw that then i tnya sis Moyy..she kata x..then i was like blurred and confused..i tell him everything there and then...confess what i had to hide in all this while..-.-" seriously i never had did that b4 in my life..but better tell him..before i got hurt teruk2..bila dia dah diam tu lain crita tau..and after all that he sent me.."i'm deactivating my account..esok lusa" i was like damn pissed with him no joke..i hilang sabar..then i text him..then while skyping with Mia..Mia ask me to call i call x pickup..then i call 2nd time bru dia that time he said he was sorry and everything so do i..i just blurt out..everything that he don't know..then the last thing i remember he said was..Joey,I'm sorry I broke your heart.
then i was heartbroken..i know dah i kena nangis pasal..then i just cry and cry..and next day i kat bentong..and i just x nak kisah pasal dia..x sangka malam tu dia ada trouble -.-"

then today i bangun je bukak FB tgk top news dah link blog dia plak then i when i saw this i was like..T^T so guilty and sad...='(

i just harap now..Aaron,just take care of yourself..i dont want anything bad happen to you.and i want you to know this..i x benci you..i'm okay jer..i still care for you..and no matter what..i'll always do..
And all those peepster outside there pk i bodoh..gie mampus r..kau ap tahu? kau terasa jgn tgk la mangkuk =X..

And Aaron Sunday,I dedicate this to you

by Joey

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