Friday, June 3, 2011

Izham Razali

Okay,who the hell is this cutie pie? this is Izham Razali. he's cute rite? geez i know..he like so damn super cute..haha is he my BF?well no lah..he is my friend in FB.. he's like super friendly u know..:D and sumore if you're wondering if he's a chinese..well he's not..nama pun dah izham razali mmg bukan chinese la...he's malay..but dia mix..grandma dia wonder dia comell jea..haha...i know i can't stop compliment him..jyeah he is cute :)...haha...he stay kat klang..he is a smk tengku ampuan rahimah student. and he is a spm candidate this year..hoho..btw girls he is single kay...xD haha boleh tackle dia..:P i really wish to meet him someday..nak cari budak nie?
well here is it: Facebook & Twitter dia :D

by Joey

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