Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Joey Hearts FF!

Gdamn!sape mamat nie xD?..this is Fareez Finly. Handsome rite? Haha dia lah yg Mr.Charming dalam class..pandai *dlm maths*,cute,handsome..& oh damn cerita pasal dia je segan da xD...anyways..dia sgt baik...sgt suci..anyway he's kinda gotta some good and some bad bout him...sape yg dapat mamat nie..mmg beruntung r..sbb he is total good boy..who dont like him too mmg agak weird la. haha..lol kenapa i nak post something pasal dia? ok cause check this photo out

eh jgn la terkejut pulak..i x paksa pun dia approve request nie kat facebook..i tanya dia ok ke tak..dia cm okay je..hahah thnks FF for approving it..syg you sgt2..:) to Monkim a.k.a Hakim..thnks for backing up me setiap kali Mellissa menyemak..syg kau jugak la monyet perasaan handsome xD...*jgn terasa plak yer*..and to Fareez,ILYSM! xD

by Joey

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