Sunday, June 5, 2011

Korean Town At Ampang

hey another post here..okay lemme sambung now bout my adventure Korean Town in Ampang. So this is like my favorite restaurant.Twins Restaurant ,i been to there like maybe 3 times r...the first time i been there it was like different,now's like upgrade a bit.okay so let checkout some picca.

here is like the door of the restaurant.. so cutely draw..i like the art leyh :)

okay what you can eat here...omigosh.. laparkan tgk this picca -.-" okay i'm like dying to eat all off them..geez -.-"

okay side dishes yg boleh di tapau and mostlykan the korean people love to buy side dishes from you can see the red shirt uncle make this tahu..he is so damn awesome he can even make a kimbap..which is kinda like a a sushi roll

the real life kitchen situation :)
the boss is a korean u i saranghae this ajusshie so much :)

okay how they make 1st picca..the making of kimbap..
2nd picca is a piece of kimbap near version...looking at it really make me go half nuts..-.-"

then we go to the market to shopping la..:D

this my bro promoting korean food..haha..he look so cute..haha...the 1st picca is biscuit..and the 2nd picca kis korean potato chips xD..nak food aja x de kerja...

avatars myspace at

the market :D haha not steal from any where r..just make a nice thing out of korean market

and sumore the price tag is korean..u wont even understand it at all..but you'll know how much it cost la =P..

thats all my trip at korean town..and seriously i miss that place..i wish i can go again la..that all peeps..all promoting is my wish :P kay no taking without my kebenaran..=P..

by Joey

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