Saturday, June 4, 2011

Moyy Ozzair ♥

okay sape plak si gadis comel nie? her name? tertera kat tittle di atas :) who is she to me? she is my lovely sister..moyy ozzair..she is preety kan not like me..i got my preety in my own way.ceyhh perasaan -.-"..haha...we pernah meet once at Sungai Wang Plaza seriously i met her..she was so freaking cute...actually i saw her first..i was like telling to a person..that is moy..and that person rabun cant see her..and that person like merajuk on her or something..then that person just waited for moy. and i was like bugging that idiot..and then that idiot halang me to meet her..cibai btul...and anyway when i wanna see mum call..when i finish the call she dah blah..T^T...sis nie x sabar2 nak least i can smile at her..say to that idiot face that is moy..ergh..-.-"..argh to crita lama..dah x mau kenang sape nak kenalan with my sis? weyh n lupa nak cakap...she is taken dont consider nak tackle dia..and i love her so much..she is like cutest sis ever..and sis,i promise you to hangout one day kay sis..ish geramm i lihat sis yg kecik kemetot nie..rasa nak cubit2 dia..haha xD so nak kenal dia..okay here is her link :) her FACEBOOK and BLOGGER.

by Joey

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