Monday, June 6, 2011

My Twin

Okay..who is this chick?..this is my twin sister..Cynthia Shin..she is preety rite? :) haha not like me lemme tell you sumthing bout her..she is like damn cute..she is 15 this year..and we have a lot of similarity.Lemme tell you sumthing similar bout us..we're both chinese,we both like to use malay words a lot,we have like same hair :D...ini you guys x percaya..i punch you face..ceytt melebih nak tmpar muka anak org..-.-" okay so nak tahu ke status gadis comel nie? sorry guys too late..dia dah taken..hoho..okay and seriously i wanna meet her someday..dia tu ada same personality dgn i sedikit..nak tahu kenapa? sbb we don't give a fuck what people sape nak kenal dia? she is so friendly u know :D..okay here is her links :Blogspot & Tumblr & Twitter & Formspring & Facebook okay tu je kot link sape nak kenal kembar i yg amat comel nie :D dia ada bnyk pndai2 tekan je la yekk :D..thats all!

by Joey

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