Friday, June 24, 2011

So Sorry!

hey all peeps..weyh sorry la i dah ignore blog i nie kejap..malas nak type duh..bukan nya korunk nak usha my blog pun..ahha wats up with my life and all well as usual sekolah..balik je tuysen on fb :P..giler bosan -.-"..xD..kerja i cmtu je la..okayh here is the thing..i bukannya x kisah pasal blog nie..i kesah ok..-.-" and btw..i'm like just living my life pretty much every single day..==..ok how bout my day today..well preety denda from my teacher for not hantaring my book earlier so fuck...thnks to mell..ergh.. and alan got kena bully today T^T poor who? well my geng..but i x xD..malas nak kesah pasal dia..ahha.. sorry ap terjadi on thursday..well geez..firstly i bangun 6am as usual my dad is the human alarm clock..then i went in my dad's room to take a nap for a while though its the usual..then when i woke up it was like 7 am! O.O! HOLLY CRAP!...i was like damn ! shit seyh..i am as usual pack my stuff cibai jea -.-"..panik seyh...dahla my mum maki2 me..kuang asam btul -.-"..well thats all la...and seriously..i'm not taking anymore chances..with that S dude..cause..i realize we're young and even though i'm jealuous i cannot couple with S..its kinda sad..but i'll wait..maybe he's not the right one for me..i know god is saving me for someone special...i just gonna finish school years and just enjoy my life after that..just finish it for like 1 and a half years more..just be patient Joey..ok gtg peeps <3 ya

by Joey

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