Saturday, June 4, 2011

Susmini Nair (Mia Marissa John)

Oh Damn,O.O!Who is she?well,this my Swagger Girl : Mia :D..seriously she is like awesome buddy :) i love her to death..she is my skype,facebook and real life buddy :)..we love to skype each other. . chat with her in facebook..i guess she staying at seremban and miss her like hell..she is preety rite ? well lucky for boys out there cause she is SINGLE rite now! haha who wanna commit to have to be like awesome swagger dude to change her status...anyone break her heart i'll take the shovel and bury you alive xP..and i meant it..haha...i known her in facebook via someone...which i really dont wnna say that person's name rite now..She is fun,bubbly,chatty,funny and everything bout her all i can say is..she is a SWAG QUEEN..till now i haven't meet her real life yet but till someday..i will totally like hangout with her...damn i wish i can see her...-.-"..mia,when r u like coming to KL? geez i wanna like hangout with you..and anyone wanna know her? ceyhtt promote dia plak..-.-" is her links? so check her out!her: Facebook & Twitter & Tumblr
want her number? go and ask her yourself dope's cause i ain't giving yeah.. :P wekk

by Joey

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