Friday, July 8, 2011

Can It Be Me?

Hey peeps..any feelings on getting heartbreak before? I did..I got myself too many heartbreaks..and so many times i repair my heart..till i don't even care.Sometimes I just wonder why heartbreaks are something painful that people wanna get rid off..for a person liking someone..its painful when someone that you like have another one.I got myself into the dilemma once and I don't wanna be in it again.I know how it feels inside. Sometimes I always pray can I like a person without giving me a heartbreak? :'( I wish all well and ends well..cause I always tell'll learn things when you had a heartbreak. That makes you stronger,wiser and better. Wishing that person that you loved before just to be happy with the ones they loved now.Its better to be truly happy with you're loved ones that loves you.What I can say is never go for the ones who had give you a heartbreak.It's stupid that he dumped and you better be the smart one to let him go. That's all peeps :) Later I post more :)

by Joey

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