Saturday, July 16, 2011

I Hate You!

hye nak cerita pasal apa ek harinie?..oh yeah look at the up there tittle. dah kata HATE. hate sape la pulak ye..well a person which i recently hate so much..why i hate the person..because the attitude that person gave was freaking rude..i hate that person..dia pikir dia tu bagus sangat r nak memiliki dia tu..tau x sekarang baru i sedar sape orang tu punya perangai..pkkan sikap je baik tapi apa kes perangai cm shit..kalau dah lupa budi orang tu cakap la..kenapa nak BS dgn i mentang2 org yg u syg tu tgh threatening you dengan adding org're so fucking dumb!
you pk she sgt stupid ke nak tackle laki lain...klu u syg sgt kat akan percayakn dia bukan nak kongkong dia sbb satu lelaki hot je...u mmg stupid you tau x sedar yg dia cuma buat nie cuma dendam yg apa kita dah buat tu je i nak explain...yang u tu pergi bshit..kat i tu the hot boy has a girlfriend himself why you wanna be so cuak when she add him in think the hot boy is gonna tackle yours...what a fucking dumb freak -.-" just a dumb revenge that benifit are such a lunatic towards her..and one more if you think i'm trying to escape our problem..u sape nak cakap cm tu...u tahu ke i nangis sbb masalah nie? x kan..i trus cakap ap yg kebenaran..apa yg i ckp bukan tipu...u tu yg keep denying...u sedar ke? u think is your truth that is right...well fucking liar...dont try to be dumb
..i'm facing our problem too think what..i'm escaping and blaming it to you..hell no i'm avoiding cause i want it to settle fast so that she can be with you..but you BS me..damn i feel like kena toyed for nothing....all this time i been helping you to solve your masalah and you don't know how much i said its my fault just blame me and don't blame you so much..if you want her so much...ok go 4 it..but this time if you gaduh with or hurt me..i'm not gonna be the one who save ur ass anymore or tell her how she is or whatever! i make sure my geng wont say it too trust me its easy consider they hate u already including to whom yang terasa sgt kat post nie this one is tujukan to a person who dont know how to kenang jasa org and dunno how to respect a person..who kurang ajar with me and who make write this bladdy a man and stfu! look at number 8 and what i relate is fucking true !

[to people who read this: please no offence ok..this was luahan hati that i only can spill in my blog i hope you people understand]

by Joey

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