Monday, July 11, 2011

Sorry seems to be the hardest word.

Hey I wanna tell you something. Never hurt a friend's heart or mess with someone else BF (boyfriend). To the person which I'll never named, I'm deeply truly sincerely sorry for what happen. :'( I know its my fault.I'm sorry yet again. I guess I was so messed up with my mind till I need some attention from your person. I know he and I we're close as sister brothers but I passed the limit and I'm truly sorry again. I know you'll plan something to torture me and him. Well go ahead I know its my fault anyways I know I shouldn't do that with him. I know but I was arrogant at times and as a girl I'm sorry I shouldn't have messed with your guy just because I wanna get attention from him.I was foolish, dumb and stupid with what had happened. And I know its gonna tore our relationship apart I'm sorry. I wish I can turn back time and wished that had never happened,I seriously do but I can't.To him who suffered the consequences, I'm sorry as well I shouldn't have do that and I know you love her deeply and I was the major one who cause this problem just blame me.I'm the bad one.I know you both love each other so much I can see it so well and because of me everything changed to the worst.To my best friend, I'm really sorry.I know you wont take apology that easy and I accept it, I regret what I have done and I'm trying to learn a lesson from it. I know I'm sorry I messed it up :'( I hope no matter what this doesn't ruin our relationship as best friend.Last word,I apologize for what happen and please forgive me. :'(

by Joey

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