Friday, September 16, 2011

Chicken Dance

Hello peeps!
Okay whats up with my tittle up there..
But seriously it happens. It all started when my class (4 Science 1) NEVER DID homework. Our Fault. -.-" Actually I know I have to do the objective question but Airin just knocked me and seriously I just stood there understood what she means. My chemistry teacher was in like serious boiling water. I think she has like PMS or what. Damn! Then teacher asked "Anyone knows how to the chicken dance?" everyone quiet and look at each other sees who knows..obviously I know and Fath #my classmate. He knows so do I raised up my hand thinking it was a good idea to like have fun a bit.So teacher called me and I was like "Uhhh. Teacher no offense I need a partner" and Fath came up I was like "Thank god he came out". Then the embarrassment started so everyone start the chicken dance.Mell did the rhythm and we just chuckle like crap. Basically 4 Science 1 looks like an idiot.Yeah we least it was like in my class. If it was like outside. I would die of embarrassment. >< Well that's all like what I like practically have to story. That's all. Toddles :D

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