Friday, September 30, 2011

A Day Of My Life.

Okay as usual school is boring its always start with bacaan yasin..n I'm certainly not a muslim so I went to the dewan tertutup classes and as usual do my own work. And my gang we called MCA's consider Chinese Girls including me came that day MIC's ponteng #wateva. So then we gerak tu Science Lab 3 for 4 Science 1...and I think my ass is gonna hurt so badly consider sitting the Science Lab's stool is so uncomfortable. Small surface area is aint good cansider my ass gave large pressure -.-" #kinda lyk fiziks lol.afterward we start lessons with Mr.Sankar a.k.a Cage who teaches us Add Maths and we're learning Add Maths #totally boring -.-"..but what ever we just wanna have fun. Then we learn solving some add maths question..i was the passionate one somehow wanted to like answer the question haha xD. So then later BM in library doing some few ringkasan #tak siap pun ...

After recess they got maths and..we ponteng a bit consider we wanna see the majlis restu ilmu for PMR 2011 students..our expactations are the whole form 3 will sebak when they mintak ampun to teacher..but this year non of them really sebak..what the heck so lame..
LAST YEAR, when we r like the 1st batch to mintak ampun..many cried..including me..I started crying when I saw Pn Wan Maliana #my form 3 class teacher..cried to..we both hugged :') and mintak ampun...seriously that moment was so touching...even our gang hugged each other xcept for Airin #she is the weird one --"..okay skip the crap!

Later that evening,I woke up after a boredom evening nap..I was lazy. Then Kugen a.k.a Mita's Bro. So he came and my parents went to a wedding function #totally jealous..then Mel called me to prep early to go to temple with her and of course with her family.. So Kugen was like annoying! He asked me to freestyle rap..I was like uhh okay..errr..cmon I can't rap all of the head was like total mel's car came..and we went to a we went there washed my legs and we saw they got like brathanatyam #indian traditional dance and they got sangheetam #classic tamil singing..and Mel watched and she did brathanatyam when she was like 5 years old..she stopped when form was amazing to see then dancing..we went out..then we dance a little..#consider dah inspired nak dance. So then we went in back and the teacher noticed us and jemput us masuk #oh yeahh.. then the teacher start talking and we got like free concert by her students obviously i like the purple shirt girl she was like totally born to dance brathanatyam..her expresion was like amazing but so obvious the teacher was strict.

Okay and yeah... Happy Birthday Daddy! I know you turned 51st today and I love you so damn much..sorry I was like an evil daughter haha..OKAY THATS ALL BYE HUMANS


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