Monday, September 26, 2011

Let It Be ♥

Photo Courtesy: this—too—shall—pass

Funny I missed you well.
Deleting every memory of you was a slow phase of my life.
No matter how much I try hate you.
I still can't.
Doesn't mean I missed you or I loved you.
But the moments that we began for each other.
People say I'm a fool falling for you. I know. I did but.
You took the risk to love me.
And your admiration to something just shared with mines.
I know you eventually give up someday
And I wonder and ask "Is it to soon?"
Can't you stay a little bit longer?
Even though you say I was wrong
But you hid ur love for me and it doesn't make our love stronger.
I wanted your text, your funny faces, & your silly conversations.
But who am I to ask?
Am I the only girl who did?
Am I a selfish freak?
I just wished I never introduce myself that day.
Never even cared to bother bout you that day.
If we met someday, I wonder how you will look back at me.
Is it with a smile or with a ignorant face?
Someday, if God willing we'll meet. No matter what.
I leave you with a message I just wished I had never fallen in love with you.
If you end up messing me around eventually.
Goodbye, Take care of yourself well. ♥



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