Monday, October 10, 2011

Can't we fast forward?

Exam mode. Okay yeah I know many people are gonna think that I'm not gonna post anything or something during exam due to study like a nerd at home but NO! O.O #imeanyeahlitterally *yeay!* I know without me posting bout my life you guys will like wonder why I never post anything rite? #anticipating :DD *cricket sound* *sigh*-.-" okayokay I know..and yeah my buddy which I named her Heerin #notrealname for now okay.I liked her ex and yeah if he like found out this dumb and lame blog he probably will go balistic bout this but whatever. Lemme get this straight, if my crush who read this boring blog get what I mean yeah I gotta a crush on you but I don't make things noticeable for you cause it will be like freaking awkward for me and your ex. And yeah I'm lame, not pretty #thatforsure, ugly, young, fat and immature. I'm sometimes but I know you're like studying for your SPM so its best for me not to bother you. And yeah I dunno what to say and more? #blankminded -.-? and yeah yeah if heerin looking at this blog..cmon la.. I WON BE GEDIK! :p..okay i wanna sleep now bye ^^v


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