Friday, October 14, 2011

Exam Part II

Hello whadup whadup! Well I'm good for this week. But now I gotta solve my problems. What problem? *sighs .E.X.A.M! four letter word that I hate the most -.-" So want me to tell you guys bout my papers? Well English Paper 1 and 2 was on Thursday which it was relaxing, and for the first time of my life I wrote 2 and a half paper full of my essay tiring but I hope it just bring good marks. And today was Maths Paper 2 and 1. It was okay not hard most of the question I can answer. and I always forgot that Section B can pick the 4/5 the question I just answer fully all..takyah susahkan the teacher :D..apart from all today I'm cool but now I gotta get going and study for my Sejarah. -.-" Man Its STRESSFUL but Joey! just do your best and like focus. :) for your exam. And yeah I'm know that there is no crush no more. Me no likey likey that guy anymore. Exam is just a bore and stress. I only want to do it after my exams or like SPM. I just don't feel like loving anyone at all. Seriously. Love is a stupid bullshit for now.


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