Sunday, October 9, 2011

Finals Part I

Okay so whatsup with me. Okay lemme tellya guys something bout exam. Okay my first paper as I told you guys. Its sucks so badly -.-" It was accounts paper 2. Okay totally shitto. 1st question was like basics. 2nd question was like pelarasan imbangan duga and seriously I did the penyata pendapatan but I never did the kunci kira-kira. its sucks like crap -.-" I did know if I did balancing it wont be balanced at all -.-" fuck. So I skip. then I did Q3 that buku catatan pertama which consist of buku tunai, jurnal, and lejar. Which I did jurnal and lejar and Q3b was buku tunai runcit..okay lemme tellya guys something I love buku tunai runcit. It was like the most easy flow question on planet. \(^o^)/ yeah this is exitement bwahaahahaha...crazy me then drafting the kunci kira shitto i dont get it -.-". then i was like counting counting and boom ! tak balance i was like da agak da -.-" it was like less a thousand..shit! -.-" then i was like argh forget it..then its over..haha yeahhh we past through hell..booya!

recess time my buddy was like PDA all over boring boyfie.. Well I went away with Ezul he is like my buddy hehe..

Then paper 1 came..helluya its easy flow again :D so all well ends well hehehe..:D so thats all peeps and yeah I feel so weird being single somehow..but cmon I having a superb crush on Zayn Malik he is so fucking cute.Oh my if Shakira see's this she's gonna be pissed xD haha Dunno who Zayn Malik? Check Out this Hottie!

Hollie Smokes He's Fucking Hotss
 He's totally my fav celeb crushies :)
I him


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