Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I had a crush with a Chinese Boy

Hi humans :) today i wanna tell you something I had a crush on this boy..
Ohmy but who? Umm let just keep it a secret..
He's for me good looking..nice personality.
What I want la..n yeah he is a chinese boy. Haha best thing is most of my best friends knows him.
Okay ignore that..he got history with one of my buddies but its over dah..
but I like him thing he stay around my sepang area but I dont know where his house actually at -.-"..sad thing was we different school damn -.-" thing was this time kan ada event amal at his school  this saturday ek tak silap i..i wish i can see him there but susah lah..i hope mits is going and the otherslah..
you know before this i met him b4 at his school but i tak introduce sbb segan but now no matter what i nak try ckp dgn dia one day...I wanna meet him so badly. ah I dont know what to do..but I know what should I do eh thats all la..lazy wanna type so long later you all dont read also -.-"


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