Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Dreamination

Homaigoid like seriously this is just a dream okay.. Its like a little Dreamination
Like partially dream and partially imagination. Dreamination get it?
Okay whatever.

Early this morning,I dream't that I'm rommies #roomates with my one of my indian and chinese buddies and guess what they both are boys which it is kinda weird? but whatever
One of them was like repairing our house out side the window #that we rented I guess. I was like staying with my indian friend which I really dont know who he is he's very close with me #totallynotboyfriend and the chinese boy ohho I know him all right..freaking clear..He was lets say one of my onesidedcrushies #BCSE.. I dream't him was like freaking handsome he wears those geeky specs and he ask for like a tool or something and he came near and I just like asked him
"Hey,whatsup with you with the geeky specks? You looked nerdish"  #obviously he is cute.
"I was just trying a new look. Why? You don't like it?" He came like very very near to my face with his cute eyes. ohmy its hard to resist >_<.
"I don't know it just um uhh...." Startled by him asking.
" Why startling like you saw somebody handsome or something?",He looked behind him and obviously there is no one..
I was like in my mind why he must be so cute now?

Then I know something every time that sure my dad wake me up and like potong stim. -.-" Shitt! I was like fucking close to like made out with him...ughhh damnit. I wish I can dream a bout him seriously I wish I can.

 Hon Joo Yee! why when the time you had a crush on a certain someone..The other person come to love me or something without any reason. PLEASE GOD MAKE THIS STOP! i don't want this situation to happen again..I regret once and now don't make me regret it twice. Ugghh he's is so my dilemma -.-"


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