Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Contact lens?

Hey there Christmas is over and this the season where every kid and teens like me had to start a new year in school.

Well despite the cramps from my legs due to excessive walking wearing heels. I save up cash just to but a pair of lens. Actually I was planning to buy later but whatever. I went dating with Riffey yesterday at Times Square for the second time. Basically I arrived earlier in the station wearing jeans and some ugly tee but whatever. Riffey was late and while I was waiting where he met me for the first time there. And I was pissed cause 4 monorail has passed by but he haven't arrived yet. Lastly I looked behind there was a tall figure standing in front of me. Damn. Riffey he really pissed me off. --" I hate him. So we took the monorail and we stopped a station.. I was like fuck --" where the hell I am..then I noticed we re one station away from Times Square well I had to walk with Riffey and totally pissed that he forced me to walk. Kfine skipped the part. Had breakfast at Old Town. Enen we went to Cosmo theme park first thing I noticed was the roller coaster people were screaming their hearts out. And lemme tell you I tried all the rides. 
1.Spinning orbit- I never dared to look down to scared --"
2.Space attack- The only thing I'm worried the necklace might fall down and I'm scared like shit.
3.DNA Mixer- Man, that thing make me sick -.-"
4.Oort's Express- This is the happiest and funniest and safest ride of my life. haha i rode it twice ^^
5.Dizzy Izzy- This ride is boring..It only spins like hell and i was forced to sit with a small girl.
6.Roller Coaster- The most awesomest ride on planet! rode it twice hahaha ^^
7.Bumper car ride- Freaking funny xD 
8.The train trail- Funniest and sorta silly to be inside a spider's cave.

left the place went to sungai way. and pavillion enen we just went back to times square. --" going back sucks my legs hurt so bad and i dont wanna let Riffey go T-T huhu but i have to thats all..And I bought new contact lens. As a first timer, I'm freaking exicited en thanks to Vny ^^ she help me a lot to wear the lens. Thats all bye ^^


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