Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hello December!

Hello humans sorry for not posting for a very long time
as you know today is  December and I hope everyone is healthy and happy and my birthday is coming up
well I hope my sweet 16 is awesome.

Oh yeah my holidays on the first and second week of November is kinda awesome
I did frog and mouse experiment which its eww but interesing.
and went to Sunway Lagoon with my best buddies.
Hangout with them for a dinner party at Mita House. We danced like nuts!
and I went to look for job too but my age is not eligible to be sixteen until my birthday which is on

3rd December!

so make sure record it down so you can send me a wish in my facebook or twitter or any of my social network okay :)
Send me presents also nevermind hahaha :D

And I'm sorry i never post much bout my life. Cuz my lappy broke down and its under repair.
-.-" and Riffey okay jer nothing wrong pun.. He syg me so I ok hehe. :3

and yeah I got new phone :D Samsung Galaxy Young haha :D
actually I wanted Ace BUT my mum scared that i will rosak it ooo. -.-" 

p/s :December please let me happy on my birthday. I dont ask much for a girl like me ^^


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