Sunday, December 25, 2011

Holla Holidays

Well as much unspoken words. Wishes. Aim and blablabla whatsoever. I just think that I have to just suffer another school year. Oh lord, just make me happy next year thats all I'm wishing for.

Oh yeah if anyone think what happen to me and Riffey. We're still together actually. I just went to rejection mode with him for 5 days. Chill I just need to prepare something I had in mind. Its like a plan or something.
But this plan I had to open the case after I'm done with SPM.

Speaking bout holidays. Seriously I had total dilemma. *sobs and sniffs*. Can I just not take it? I know its absurd but whatever.

And I'm finding a future tuition any suggestions? Somewhere in Puchong where is near to Putra Perdana and its really good? I'm sorta DESPERATE you know. And if I found one I thought of bringing my best buddy and go.

And yeah yesterday my family is totally wasting time in KL. I treat my mum to all famous GODIVA in Pavilion. Its like awesome you know the chocolate drink. Its like HEAVEN~~~~~. Hahahahaha.

Okay that's it I gotta finish what I'm bored to be blabbing. BYE.


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