Friday, December 30, 2011

I don't know if it even right

Okay whateva..I'm so freaking bored with all those fb shit.. I know I haven't been posting much lately. But eversince those facebook drama that I faced. Its seems that everyone is fucking busybody. Thats y get out people. I dont need to be Miss Popular or Miss Hotstuff. I hate those fucking arrogant bitches and bastard who think their not a fucking hotstuff. I m just exploding here cuz there is no other way to explode. Fuck ur own shitty post and dont post all this boring world-gonna-end and your stupid dumb religious post. I'm not racist but you guys made my newsfeed like some spritual reminder or something. And all those chain messages is stupid n absurd. I tell you if anyone who read this post that feel offended or something espicially the religous part. then get a life. You're allowed to block me. or hate me or whateva. If you guys know religious is all about ur faith in GOD. Whats good and whats wrong its up to urself..Ur own actions determine sins and ur karma. So what goes around comes around. Dont blame GOD blame ur self. The end. Period.


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