Friday, December 30, 2011

Mars or Men?

Mars are Men,Women are Venus..
I had like total crush on my Ideal Man Song Seung Hun which is a hot ACTOR..and totally he is a korean actor/supermodel/singer/CEO of BlackSmith. O.O yeah I know is so cool >,< kyyyaaaaa...

Youtube stars ^^
Enen I have a small crush on Mr.S (sorta secret) well he is random dancer in youtube which is a like a year younger than me.. But he is so adorable and sweet. I've he is cute but not my type..The sweetest thing was he always been so kind to his ex..well I saw his video dancing in his group .[Awesome]

He was awesome.And I have a crush on this youtube singer which is call SHAWNSOMETHING..he is a cover singer my gosh I love the he Dark Come Soon.. Its like so awesome.

And I have an admiration for Miyyo Azman too I've mean he is wonderful to have a british accent english boy. He did like few covers for songs

Anuar Hadi- He is awesome! VLOGGER ^^ This dude make hillarious joke

Mat Lufti- Love his northern accent.. Hillarious Vlogger :P

KPOP Group [dont even mention it]

BEAST- Junhyung/Yoseob/Gikwang
2PM- Chansung/Nichkhun
F.T Island- Lee Hong Ki (amazing singer)
Super Junior- Hee Chul/ Si Won
BOYFRIEND- The Twins ^^

The Most Aweome British Boy Band -One Direction ( Zayn Malik is mine :P)


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