Friday, December 16, 2011

Okay what happened to me?

Hello ! I know I never posted much ever since I got my notebook fixed. Cmon its the holiday what u expect me to do? I've been working hard saving my ass for some cash just to enjoy myself during the holidays. Okay, as u all know my relationship with Riffey is bust. But we're good friends well cut the awkward texting the next day after. You know what makes me feel freaking guilty? He cried. Man its sucks and it hurts me so bad. Reminds me when I was 13 when I broke up with capital N. Well history repeats I know karma's gonna hit me bad. Why when it comes to great guy comes to me I have to go break their hearts? Haishhh..Joey remember this " I rather you had several years of suffering rather than you suffer forever". Yeah my aim for next year its just do my best for SPM get A's so I can ask for a scholarship to study in Korea or New Zealand. I don't know anything yet. But I'll work hard and do my best. Ah yeah Riffey told me that he started working.. ^^ Chukahae Oppa! [Congratulations! Bro].. Well anyone wanna check him out can go to Richman Cafe at Sungai Buloh's The Store. Well, he works there as a waiter. Proud of him :') . So there is not much things to say and yeah I had a wish this year is to go ride the roller coaster with my friends or my loved ones in Times Square. I guessed I told this to Aaron and Andy last time. I wanted to go there and have fun. Its sorta like my aim for 2011. If I achieved it would be awesome. So that the end! Till my next post kay.. Toodles!


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