Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mom :')

Hey peeps, i know i shouldn post any affair that happen around me and my family. But I have to let it out.

Mom, Im sorry.I m not a very good daughter.

Im sorry that you suffered a lot of hard times raising us my sister, my lil bro & me mostly.

I wish I never hear what you said to sister even though those words were not meant for me. Still i m guilty enough to hear that from mom.

Mom dont cry..u r not allowed to cry..its hurts when i hear u cry..i just want tears of joy from you..

Mom dont say anything bout not existing in this world. I felt like if u do that i would do the same. Mom i know that one day you'll be proud of us 3 monkeys that loves you even though we dont show you much..

Mom, no matter how many hard time we give you.. you always know that we love you no matter what..


Ur second monkey. :') love you mum <3<3<3

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