Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Exam -.-"

Heeyya peeps,
I'm in the exam mode now. So I must study hard for exam.
I'd guess my mum really wanted me to get A..
And one thing I'm dyslexic when it comes to reference book. 
I hate to study.(no one does) It gives me a headache.
That is why I like studying in tuition or in school.
People have their own way of studying. Some people study late night some people prefer hearing voices rather than reading books. That is y I focus in my tuition cause there I can understand and focus well on what I don't understand in school.. Well sighs..
I think I'm getting nervous for everything.. GOD help me :'(
Well guess what? Complaining here doesn't help to solve problem. --" geez
So yeah after this crappy shit exam. Enjoy a week of "kelas tambahan" in school n "night tuition"
So I've gotta face it I hate school so much that I wanna get the hell out of there.
Seriously I'm in a breaking point where I don't enjoy being in school anymore. 
*except seeing my friends
Okay that's I've gotta stop blubbering.
Bye for now. Tata ^^/


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