Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'm back! For Now..

Jellow peeps ^^. How are y'all doin? Firstly, I would like to apologize due to the fact people are like asking my why I haven't updated my blog that mucj. Well, thanks to my lil brother bad result and my SPM #GOSHIHATETHATWORD are probably hundred days away. So I can only use my notebook on weekends.  Sucks rite?

Basically I'm doing well with my friend we celebrated Mita's Birthday on 31 January. And I went "Raya-ing" with my classmates it was AWE-SOME! Haha. And Mia n Rynn dont talk their relay is fking annoying. Well me? so far so good.. Did I mention I was the head of school librarian..Muehehe.. I got the job cause I force Satia. And I'd even fought with Satia due to b**bs issue. Me and Riffet date as usual 2 days before Valentine's Day and the cute stuff he bought me a cute bear awww :'). I call it Valentine but I call Valey for short. At least my teddy had another buddy..haha..

There is also a new kid I would like to introduce to you..wait.. actually 2 new kids. It was Mizi a kid from Kedah who had hard time mixing with other classmates in my class and soon now he got use to it..
and Natasha she is mixed like a lot..Her dad is indian christian and her mum is pakistani muslim. or whatever..they have like complicated nomad life. And she is awesome you know? She is cool to be a friend..and she reallly had a SWAG.

Thats all and today in class was basically funny during Physics Satia, Fareez and Mizi played the cheap way on hooking up girls on asking their the back class way.. so pathetic really. somehow its funny and its like sorta desperado.

Okay thats it people my brain ran out of ideas to story mory more --" TTYL 


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