Friday, March 9, 2012

Exam Review

Hey people as you know I'm busy with exam this few days. Okay my first day start of with BM which I did not have time to complete my question.. then to Sejarah..well sucks as well and got 56% for it.. Still sucks.. and then its Moral.this one is not as bad as you think its Okay okay lah. :) and then to BI..haha damn its easy :DDDDDD

Okay second day, HELL DAY..which start of with Maths..that subject its okay lah not that bad and Chemistry its okay never one question I dunno how to answer..just some mistakes & Add Maths..haha this one I'm a lucky one..all those arithmetic and geometric progression i can answer..haha..lucky me..the graph not sure but i did it.. and physics..boleh lah..can answer lah..

Today is Bio and Accounts..Bio was okay and sorta my liking but Accounts i had so much mistakes that make me slap my forehead & look down on the floor..I've just ;'((((

So far it might be my last UB1..but i just gonna be okay now... I'm Hon Joo Yee..I did mistakes and I'm not perfect. And I will learn from my mistakes. Thank you for reading ^^


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