Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hey, I'm done.

Photo Courtesy: boohoolindalieu

Hey, if you are reading this. I'm sorry I have to let it out here. I know my way seems immature. But I have to this in order to make me less stress.I have to let it all out.
I know you gonna hit me with the "let's be friends" thingy. I'm so sorry that it turn out this way. But this is the way I have to lose it.
Thanks for being there with me when I shed my tears on the phone..truthfully you're the only guy that I dont know why that has heard me cried on the phone before. I know you felt guilty right. Don't be. Just be mutual. I know that one day I might dump you anyways cause I know I can't be yours. forever. But there is once I wish that "difference" bother me to love you forever. There is times where I wish I can runaway with you, I wish I can come to your house running just to leave everything away, there is times why I wonder I can't have you just for that difference...
I'm sorry for EVERYTHING that I have done. The reason its hard for me to be peace with you.. Its like lovers suddenly being haters. Its hard when you have the attachment to things.
I know at some certain point you can't stand me and you will leave me. And you don't have to lie to me that you love me. If you do love me, being friends was never an option. I know I been through all this bullshit, once you dumped me, I'm sorry you can't take it back cause it will be permanent there and then. So bye..



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