Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pink Panther

For now I never think Pink Panther the same way. Cause I went to teenager camp and it was so awesome. We played an icebreaking game called Seaweed are Seaweed. It was awesomely fun. and at first when I reach there I thought it was like a really old retarded place. But its not it was like a center and it was big & spacious. when I arrived and I went registered pay the fees and went to the hall put my bags off and then went to the activity place at first I was awkward wih all this and those kiddo singing one thing i remembered the most is them asking me to sing. basically I love to sing so I just sang my hearts out. So we played the seaweed game then to the blow wind blow and we supposed to reply blow what? and then the facilitator ask to find someone who has the same horoscope with me.Obviously I took Rin and I knew Andrew, a chinese girl.. and Ernest. And then I know what supposed to be happening.. blow what? find someone who has the same colour on your tag. Basically I got PINK. So there is it my team member consist of Ernest the Rebel Kid , Ting Jiawei the lazy one, Ai Vee the concious , Kar Hao in Cantonese means suka campur mulut... & me the leader.. So and we got t facilitator that is Herny but his real name is Fong Lih Herng but we called him Herny cuz he wrote is g like a y..so I was stuck with Herny. So do others..and then we did our first activity and create a group name and cheer. So the group name is Pink Panther so and then the cheer was weird so here we go P.I.N.K ! We Will Win & We Don't Care ! Yeah ! (special effect when Kar Hao say Roarr) and then we had to do our first game that (to be continued --its a long story hope you can be patient sorry for the short typing)


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