Saturday, April 7, 2012

I like you but you just don't get it


Uh god its like killing me. If you know what I mean. Okay I had a crush on this person I don't need to tell anyone here who is reading right now. Okay it was on April 1st where I pranked him saying that I love him but its obvious I do like him. It like rather than a prank its like a confession. I did know he gonna say he knows that is a prank. And to be honest its like killing inside that I have to let it out and keep back inside of me. Ughh god I did ask him what if the confession is not a prank. He said he will be shock and then my hope like its just what expected he said it might be awkward for him if that confession was true. So yeah I guessed I just have to accept that. I hate it like seriously. I just don't wanna make things awkward you know. But well..I know he might not be the one. So yeah leave it so that no one cares.


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