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Imaginary Scenario

100 Roses (BIGBANG - Seungri)

“Morning Oppa…”

He opens his eyes, looks over to his left and you aren’t there. He sighs as he gets up and gets ready. He walks into the bathroom to go brush his teeth, looking at where your toothbrush usually is and sigh again.

“I don’t need to feel sad. It’s not my fault. I didn’t do anything to deserve this…right?” He thinks to himself and continues on to his routine. After getting dressed and everything, he walked downstairs and hears,

“Oppa! Breakfast is ready!”

“Coming Jagi!” He says and enters the kitchen, but realizes you aren’t here. He looks down to the ground and curses to himself. Slamming his fist on the table, he looks around for something to eat. He grabs some cereal and milk and makes himself a small breakfast.

As he’s eating his food he suddenly has lots of memories of you appear. Memories of how every morning you would say good morning and make him some breakfast before he heads off to work.

Sitting there for a good 5 minutes, he finally figures out a way he could possibly get you back. He then calls GD.

Ring Ring


“HYUNG! I’m going to take the day off today!”

“EH? Wae?”

“No time to explain, this is serious and I won’t be there all day today! Bye Hyung ! Mianhae!”


He hangs up before GD could say anything. He smirks and a glint of light sparkles in his eyes. He stands up, puts his empty bowl in the sink, throws his jacket on, and heads out the door making some phone calls.

You are sitting in your friend’s apartment, eyes all puffy from crying all last night. You remember how the fight started.

*Flash Back*

You were sitting in your room, Taeyang sent you some pictures of Seungri laughing and having his hand around a girl while at a YG party. You couldn’t believe your eyes as you looked at the picture. How could he have done such a thing? Suddenly the front door unlocked and opened.

“Jagi! I’m home!~”

He closes the door behind him and walks into the living room. You were sitting on the couch, facing away from him. He smiles and walks over to you and hugs you from behind. You gave no reaction, but he saw what was on your phone. He sighs and plays with your hair.

“Jagi. Don’t mind that picture. It wasn’t anythi-“


You snapped at him, he could see the tears in your eyes. He was shocked at your reaction.

“That is something to me. I’m your girlfriend. Why are you having your hands around other girls while giving off that flirty smile of yours huh? And your hand is on her hip!”

“Jagiya. That isn’t anything compared to what I do with you. Just because I had a chat with some girl, doesn’t mean you have to go crazy on me.”


You had enough. You stormed up the stairs and into your bedroom. He quickly follows behind and sees you packing your things. He grabs your wrists and picks you up off the ground.


You snag away your arm from his grip.


He stares into your eyes. Your eyes were dead serious as tears flowed through them. He was shocked at how mad you were this time. He just watched you as you stormed through the house grabbing every single thing that was your belonging.

Once you were done packing, you grabbed your stuff and walked to the front door, Seungri still following you around. When you reached the door, you turned to Seungri.

“Oppa, I know you are a good guy. But I’m done. I hope you find that one girl you won’t hurt…”

You open the door, but before you could walk out, he grabs your hand. He still stares at you with a blank face but it asked you to not leave. Even though you didn’t want to, you were done with being hurt. You slid your hand out of his and then walked away with tears going down your cheeks.

*End of Flash Back*

You sit there on the couch drinking some coffee as your friend was doing stuff around the house. You didn’t really notice since your mind was flowing of memories of him. You missed him. You wanted him. But it just hurt so much thinking about what he did to you. You sighed as you finally stopped zoning out and stood up.

You walked into the kitchen and poured more coffee into your cup, you suddenly noticed a rose and note on the table. You stared at it for a while wondering what was it about. You grabbed the rose and note and started reading.

“Dear Miss J,
Hey…I know you’re mad at me, but I want to make it up to you. Here’s one rose. I’m going to let you go on a little Rose adventure. Come to the café where we first met. There you will go to the next place.

You stared at the note for a while wondering why this was sitting here. It was obviously your friend’s handwriting. She must’ve gotten a call from Seungri asking her to help him out. You just sighed and went to go get ready to go out…

*At the Café*

You enter the café that you and seungri both met at. You looked around to see if there was a rose sitting around, but there wasn’t any. Suddenly a worker walked up to you.

“Annyeong! You must be Miss J. Here’s your complementary French Vanilla cappuccino. And a lovely rose! Hope you have a wonderful day!”

The worker walks away from you, giving you no time to thank him. You just sigh and walk out of the café. You wondered why there was no note attached to the rose, but noticed a yellow sticky note on the coffee.

“Annyeong J***-ah~
I see you’ve gotten your cappuccino. I remembered buying that for you, since I messed up and accidentally bought you plain coffee when you hated it. So I just took your coffee and bought you French vanilla. SO SWEET ! >__<~ Anyway, let’s head to the park nearby the coffee shop, where we had our walk there. ^^”

You sighed.

“What is this? How long is this thing going to go…?”

As time went by, you kept going to all the places. One by one, the roses kept increasing by numbers. Eventually at one place, someone gave you a basket to carry all the roses. You sighed as you started to get tired of going on this seemingly never ending chase for roses.

“Yah…I’m going to kill that boy.”

You thought to yourself as you entered a taxi. You told the driver you were heading to the restaurant where you guys had your last date and said that you had the best date ever. While heading there, you counted up all the roses that were in the basket.



52…oh my gosh…53…54…



You finished counting. You couldn’t believe he has brought you to so many places. You sigh as many memories came into your mind. When the driver says that we have arrived to the destination, you pay him and step out of the taxi. The restaurant was closed for the day. You look at the door that had a rose and note taped on it.

You grab the rose, “99th.” You said to yourself as you unfold the note.

“Congratulations babe! You’ve found the 99th rose! Now, we’re going to place 100,”

You thought to yourself “We went somewhere after the dinner date..?” You just shrug it off and keep reading.

“This one will be the special one babe. Walk down the street, and you will find a park nearby. Come to the flower field with a bench in the middle. That’s where I’ll be. I hope you will come. I’ll be waiting..”

You refolded the note and shoved it into the basket with the roses. You started walking down the street, suddenly remembering everything. Your heart starts aching. Once you reach the park, you stop at the entrance.

You suddenly don’t know why you even started doing this. Why you’re here when you and him were already over. Suddenly you remembered the reason why you did this whole journey; because you loved him. You missed his embrace so much it drove you crazy. His touch, his kisses, his laugh, his smile, Him.

At that point you ran through the park, adrenaline pumping. You wanted to just see him and jump onto him. You wanted to never let him go again. Once you reached the center, there was no one sitting on the bench.

You stopped running immediately. You stared, wondering where he was. Why he wasn’t there. Slowly you walked over to the bench and saw the note. You unfolded the piece of paper and started reading.

“Dear Miss J,
I’ve missed you terribly. This morning when I woke up without you beside me, I started becoming delusional. All I could think about was you, I kept hearing your voice around the house calling for me, but when I looked, you weren’t there. I felt extremely lonely. That’s when I knew, there is only one girl in my life. Without you, I feel empty inside. The house doesn’t even feel like a home anymore without you. The reason I did this whole thing was because I wanted to show you I can become dedicated for only you. I took a day off today just to plan this whole thing and get everything made out before you could get there. Now, I feel like I can really dedicate myself to you, Miss J. So turn around. And please accept the 100th rose I want to give you.”

You stared at the note, then slowly turned around, and there he was. He was fully dressed in a tuxedo, and his hands behind him. He was smiling at you. And only you. Tears started to fall down your eyes and you ran towards him and hugged him. He hugged you back and passionately gave you a kiss.

“Jagi…I really missed you…”

“Me too…I kept crying ever since I left the house…”


He let go of you and put his hands quickly back behind him.

“Today was something to let you remember our good past. Let you know there are good things I have done. But I was a fool for not seeing now how beautiful and precious you are to me. You are my rose. My delicate, precious rose. Today, will you accept my Rose?”

He brings out a rose. It was brighter than all the other roses he has given you today. You smiled and nodded yes and took the rose from his hand. You suddenly notice something shiny inside the rose. You looked inside the rose and found a ring inside. You showed this to Seungri and said,

“Oppa. What’s this?”

“Oh that? Well…”

He took the ring from your hand and knelt down on one knee. Once he did that you gasped and tears started to form again in your eyes. He smiled at this reaction and took your hand in his.

“Jagiya…we’ve been dating for 1 whole year now…it’s not very long, but I don’t want to lose you…Miss J. Will you marry me?”

You started to cry heavily now. You shook your head vigorously yes as he put the ring on your ring finger. He lifted you up in the air and gave you a light gentle kiss on the lips.

“By the way Jagi.”


“Those 99 roses I got you are real ones. You know that right?”

“Yeah. They are already dying on me.”

“Well..this one is special…because even though I gave you 100 roses and 99 of them seemed to be a mistake, this one is a fake one…I want to make this right. I want our love to be never ending like this rose that will never die. 100 roses just for you.”

(Sorry,its not mine..copied and pasted somewhere. Miss J its me. Don't want to put my name cause people will wonder. Credits to


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